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Seeking Technical Services doesn’t mean you are computer illiterate; it means you are intelligent enough to know there is plenty to learn in an industry that is not going away!



What We are Doing

The Computer Tutor Learning Center and Technical Services, LLC will be celebrating its 15 Year Anniversary this Spring. Serving the community has been such an honor, putting the customer first by offering unprecedented service has made its success. Having both residential and commercial clients, no job is to big or small. The entire team at The Computer Tutor (including Google) welcomes your patronage.

Providing the Tools You Need

According to most business analysts who take any interest in the utilization of software at all, the 80:20 rule applies more or less universally. This indicates that some 80% of users of any given software package use a mere 20% of its functionality. Given the cost of any business package, this means that at least a few hundred dollars is being wasted in terms of the original cost price. There is no doubt that the right training can help increase the effectiveness of most software users.

Our Services

What can we do for you?


• Instructor-Lead Training

• Personalized Individual Training

• In Home Training and Set-up

• Corporate Training


• PC Evaluation

• Computer Repair

• Virus Removal

• Complete System Reload

• Data Recovery

Client Services

• Small Business Professional Services - Technical Support

• Training Facility Rental

• Web Design, Maintenance and Submissions


• Free Seminars for Girl and Boy Scouts

• Free Seminars for other similar small organizations


What People Say

Meet some of our clients!


Don is amazing he has taught me many facets of the computer functions. I have a ways to go but I know he will get me there. I wanted to say Thank You.


Don is great to work with and does a fantastic job with his customers and service partners.


The BEST place to learn about Apple Products!

iCorner 3rd Thursdays

The 3rd Thursday of every month is officially ours. I’m happy to say our first class is full of iPad Students! I promise we will go Live on FaceBook in case you missed out. Mark your calendars for next month and contact us for details.

Our Services

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  • PC Evaluation
  • - fee waived if repair purchased
  • Small and Start-Up Business
  • Residential or Commercial On-Site Services
  • Hard Drive and Media Destruction
  • Expedited Service


Call for DETAILS!  

  • Individual Residential 1 on 1 Training
  • iCorner Training
  • Phone Support
  • New Computer or iPad Purchase Order


  • Complete System Clean-up
  • Renew Avast and Mini Clean-up
  • Data Back up and Recovery
  • Complete System Reload
  • - system back to new out of box factory

MEET the computer tutor

Better yet - stop by to say hello!

Don Crist
About the Computer Tutor

Don E Crist is a Chambersburg native. Born when gas cost 30¢ per gallon (opportunity here to use your Google skills). Don is blessed to come from a wonderful family. Parents, Donald and Jane Crist of ST. Thomas Pennsylvania, he is the youngest of three children having two sisters, Jan and Julee.

Raised in rural ST Thomas, Don moved to Chambersburg as an adult where he takes great pride in his family - Wife Stephanie, daughters Halee and Lexi and son Hayden. Of course, no family is complete without the unconditional love and companionship of a dog. Not just any dog, but a dog well known at The Computer Tutor Learning Center and Technical Services, LLC as Google.

Computer Tutor Family
Thank You
From Don and Google

I am so very fortunate to have such a great family, friends and customers. To my family - you’ve always been and have remained so supportive (13+ years), to be satisfied with what was left of me after draining start up business times. Maybe a few intrusions on Family Time, late nights and early morning, vice versa. To my friends - you have made me who I am and who I’ll become. Without you all, none of this would have ever been possible. Finally but certainly not last… To my customers - there’s no need to add more! You are all like “Friends and Family!”

Don's Expertise
Professional Background

Don became acclimated in the Technology Industry before computers were available in stores. His first computer came mail order from The Computer Shopper. Costing a bit more than $3000.00, sporting a whopping 2megabyte Hard Drive and was delivered with a box of manuals that could barely be lifted. This industry is one of the few things that he insists changes even faster than time goes by.

After Graduating Technical School Don submerged himself in the industry. Holding a mid management career at Gateway® Computers, Instructor Positions at Kaplan University and The Franklin County Career & Technology Center provided him an excellent foundation on which to build his company.

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